02 November 2011

Google Reader Round-Up

Even though I had been warned in advance, Google's confiscation of the social functionality in Google Reader earlier this week made me very sad, especially given it came with a design "upgrade" (and yes, "upgrade" in the sense of O2 "upgrades") that doesn't seem to work very well on my work computer. 

I didn't share posts within Google Reader very often but it was a useful place for me to highlight blog posts that might be worth a read to the people following me on Reader without having to send an email or copy and paste the link into Twitter or Facebook. Now if you want to share posts in Reader, you have to do it via Google+ and although I have a G+ account, I rarely use it and I refuse to let Google manipulate me into doing so. 

To try to compile some of the links I find from Reader in a single place, I thought I would start doing Google Reader round-ups on this blog from time to time. These aren't all posts I would have shared in Reader but they are all posts I find interesting, noteworthy or timely; some may be in-jokes. Here are the first batch:

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