30 October 2011

Automatic Autumn Auto-Portrait

Thanks to last night's clock change, I had some time to kill before heading out to play cards and eat an early roast dinner. Hyde Park, which is one of my two closest parks and current favourite for weekend running, was looking gorgeous yesterday morning, all burnt sienna, amber and green, so I decided to take my camera for a walk.

It wasn't exactly Montreal in there but it was still very pretty and as today was pretty grey and cloudy, the park wasn't too busy, which meant I was able to take some self-portraits using the timer on my camera without too much in the way of embarrassment. I only have a mini tripod and at first I thought I might have needed a bigger one but I quite like the effect of the leaves on the grass, immediately, in front of the camera. I never wear autumn colours like orange or green but the deep purply-blues and indigos that I favour are pretty much opposite the orange-browns of the autumn leaves on the colour wheel and so my outfit wasn't entirely out of place.

Autumn in Hyde Park, complete with Boris Biker

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