31 October 2008

Costume Count

It is 8 am and the sun is barely up. It was dark when I went running and very surreal to see witches, mad hatters and demons roaming the streets of SOMA. The rain that descended mid-run only made the makeup of those in Joker costumes more authentic.

Witches - 3

Jokers - 2

Mad Hatters - 1

Sarah Palins - 4

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin - 1 

The Ex is from a town near Brighton famed for its Bonfire Night celebrations. Each year, there is a theme for the effigies burnt on the bonfire. One year, it was parking meters (when these had been introduced to the town high street). Given that Bonfire Night is the day after election day, I can guess what the effigies might be this year.

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