02 November 2008

Google's Sarcastic Weather Report

"Chance of storm," sez Google of the San Francisco forecast this afternoon. Yeah, there's a chance that I got thoroughly soaked today, although to be fair, it probably was the worst day of the whole trip to try to obtain the latest in my series of photos of myself leaping in front of famous monuments. Today, however, was the day when I had the offer of photographic assistance and so after lunch downtown, we drove out to the Golden Gate Bridge. 

It was already pouring with rain when we left and although it slowed slightly while we were having the photoshoot, as we were walking over the bridge, it came back at us, full strength. The front of my jeans was sodden (I guess I did want the extra-dark wash jeans; I should be careful what I wish for) although the back was almost dry. I guess the fact that it hadn't rained since I'd been here meant there was a lot of water to get out of the system. Still, the fog lifted enough to prove that I was in front of the GGB and not just some generic fog someplace else. The wind was also strong enough to make me feel rather Mary Poppins-like and I was half convinced that once I leaped, I might be carried back to London by the wind (who needs a plane)--just call me the Birdwoman of San Francisco...

Tomorrow, there is, apparently, a "chance of showers" so I'm glad I went running this morning. Still, I had been planning to go for a last pancake breakfast and manicure somewhere that is a 30-minute walk from here tomorrow, so I hope the chance is a low one.

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