31 October 2008

California Raining

People claim it was raining today in San Francisco for the first time since I've been here. Of course, I wasn't near enough a window for long enough during daylight hours to confirm this but from the amount of concerned/relieved chatter about the annoyance/joys of the rain coming, I assume it was true. Also, the streets were wet as I left work, although because of the vast numbers of homeless people, drunks and tourists, there is usually at least one person cleaning the street along the route of my morning running outings so it's conceivable that this "rain" was all just a big hoax.

It has been a little cooler here this week (after last week where temperatures hit about 30 degrees C) and you can spot the native Californians because they are all shivering. I just roll my eyes and tell them to stop being so over-dramatic about their weather because it just snowed in England--and let's face it, what would the residents of the Bay Area where the average temperature rarely seems to fluctuate much more than about five degrees either side of 20 know about weather chat?

More rain is forecast for the weekend, which is obviously a sign for me to leave (it could have waited until after I've left), as is the fact that I can walk into J. Crew and already own everything I might want to buy (apart from those elusive jeans, although I have the parents on the case in Manhattan). 

Actually, this is the first trip to San Francisco (though not to California) where the weather has been warm and sunny. The other three visits were in August and early September and so there was plenty of California rain--and wind and fog and mist too. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to return to an English winter. As there was no summer to speak of in England, this past month has been my "summer" and so my body is probably expecting a little autumn before we dive back in to the snow and hail and sleet. 

26 days down; three to go.

California rain is falling
I can hear the summer calling
Far away, far away
A song that's fading

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