01 January 2014

Twenty Fourteen

New Year's Eve in London can be expensive, so instead of shelling for meal in a restaurant or a pricey bar trip, we went round to my brother's place to ring in the new year. We were treated to a plankful of antipasti, followed by a delicious fillet steak and fries.

The food was accompanied by a series of drinks, including killer blood orange margaritas and Champagne, although unfortunately, we didn't have time to play the guess-the-botanical game I had devised using some of the drams from my Ginvent Calendar. Another time.

My master-baker friend had also created an awesome batch of new-year-themed cupcakes, which were adorable.

As midnight approached, we realised that we didn't have time to make it to the top of Stave Hill, where we watched the fireworks last year — also, it was raining horribly and very windy — so we stopped at Greenland Docks, which has a nice very of the Canary Wharf skyline, and offers glimpses of the central London fireworks. Can you spot them (and the Shard) in the first photo below? I didn't want to take my DSLR with me because of the weather, so the photo quality isn't great.

It was a fun way to spend New Year's Eve and I even made it to bed by 2.30, which meant I was able to force myself to go running this lunchtime in the horrible weather. No rest for the wicked.

With flights booked to Japan in May and Canada in July, 2014 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. I hope it's a good year for you too!

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