31 December 2013

My Top 5 Leaps of 2013

I enjoy putting together my annual leap list, mainly because it serves as a way of highlighting some of the places to which I've travelled and the things I have done. After a lack of leaps in the leap year last year, I jumped right back in this year and had plenty to choose from.

1. Paradise leaped. Tamarindo, Costa Rica. After several years of waiting and planning, I finally made it to Costa Rica this year and had an awesome time. And of course, there were plenty of great leaps. It was hard to choose just one (and this leap at the foot of the Arenal volcano came a close second), but the infinity pool at our hotel near Tamarindo was pretty paradisiacal.

2. The Game of Thrones leap. Dubrovnik, Croatia. With its stunning Mediterranean views and handy city walls, Dubrovnik proved a particularly lucrative place to leap. I just need to remember to wear better footwear next time. The things we do for art...

3. The arty leap. New York, USA. Speaking of art! I only managed one trip to New York this year, but it was a good one. In City Hall Park, there was a series of sculptures in the Lightness of Being series, which were just asking for a good leap. Naturally, I obliged.

4. The Dreaming Spires leap. Oxford, UK. So apparently my father was the last person to discover that all of those Oxford postcards featuring the gorgeous Dreaming Spires were taken from the top of South Park. It didn't stop us from taking a few celebratory leap photos.

5. The highest leap. London, UK. When I took a tour that allowed me to climb over the top of the O2 (formerly the Millennium Dome), I was convinced that they wouldn't let me leap at the top, but apparently leaping is totes legit, as long as you don't go too close to the edge.

Runner-up: The coldest leap. London, UK. As all of the above leaps feature beautiful sunshine, I'm allowing myself a bonus entry on this year's list to remind me that London had a pretty horrific winter at the beginning of this year. The snow and the cold didn't keep some of the members of the nascent SoLoDo Running Club from running and, in my case, leaping, on a particularly inclement Saturday.

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