20 May 2012

Rain Has Now Stopped Play

The sun finally came back out yesterday lunchtime, just after The Bro arrived from the airport. We had a quick lunch and then hurried back to change for the beach before we lost the sun. Actually, though, it was a lovely afternoon with plenty of sunbathing and a second swim for me.

In the evening, we strolled down the Croisette to take a peak at the CaFF fun before dinner. Tom Hardy's new film Lawless was on but I didn't spot him—partly because of his shaggier haircut/facial hair, and also because the new barrier system meant I wouldn't have been able to get close enough to take a good picture. Instead, we had dinner at Mesclun (great filet de boeuf, very good fruity-pistachio rice pudding), which was later populated with assorted film types. Not Tom Hardy though.

Pre-dinner posing

Today, the weather was crap. It started raining at about lunchtime and hasn't stopped since. We had planned to go to see Diamonds Are Forever at the Cinéma de la Plage, but although we are British and tough, we suspected the organizers would have cancelled the movie and so didn't bother trekking down the Croisette to find out. Cheryl Cole was braver, putting in an appearance as the face of l'Oréal; let's hope she was wearing lots of Elnett. We wanted to watch Diamonds Are Forever in the flat instead but it was strangely absent from the iTunes store, so we settled for Fever Pitch. Colin Firth was really not hot back then. Give me Easy Virtue or Tinker, Tailor any day. But hey; at least it's a movie.

Rain on the terrasse

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