23 December 2011

I Can Do the Cannes-Cannes

After last year's Christmas trip to Cannes was snowed off, I was relieved to see the forecast of much milder climes this year. Cannes was 16 degrees and sunny today, perfect for a little afternoon stroll along the Croisette and a little light (window) shopping on the rue d'Antibes.

Sadly, even French brands are more expensive here than in the UK (the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick I like is £24 at home but €30 here, for example). The rue d'Antibes was pretty hectic, especially FNAC, as the French rushed to do their last-minute shopping. Ive been coming to Cannes for Christmas for five years but it's still slightly strange to see the Christmas lights up amid the palm trees and when it's so warm.

We had dinner with The Bro and his girl, Canada Chick, at Vesuvio, a family favourite. For once, I didn't have a pizza, opting for an escalope of veal, which was delicious and which will need to be burned off with a run along the Croisette tomorrow morning.

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