24 December 2011

Christmas Eve, Cannes-Style

Well, with apologies to all those who woke up to a cold, grey or rainy Christmas Eve, the weather here was gorgeous again today. Papa and I went for a sunrise run and then we all went down to the market to buy food supplies. I was in charge of the bûche (Yule log) but finding one that wasn't excessively creamy and covered with accoutrements proved a little tricky so we settled for Paul's bûchettes.

We had lunch on the beach at Bijou Plage, but not before a quick dip in the sea—very brief in my case and only achieved by sprinting in at full speed and then falling over, submerging myself shoulder-deep. After lunch, a strong breeze materialised, forcing us to move on, but not before I managed a few leaps.

I then went to the cinema (of which more to follow later) and had a wander back home via the shops. Cannes at Christmas really isn't all that bad...

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