22 November 2011

Bex's Christmas Gift Guide: Guys

This is the second part in my mini-series of Christmas gift guides (part one is here and this is the third part). Today I'll be picking out some gift ideas for guys. NB: Some of these presents would work equally well for women (including me!) but as I don't plan to put together a unisex guide, I've included them here.

Out and about
1. Paul Smith cycling helmet. £60. If I were a boy and if I cycled, I would definitely want to wear this stylish helmet. In fact, it's cool enough to make me wish I were a cyclist—although not quite enough to make me wish I were a guy.

2. Digital photography course from London Photo ToursPrices vary. London Photo Tours run a variety of short courses for making the most out of your digital SLR or even your digital compact (£90 for a four-hour session). Their sessions have small groups and involve practical photo shoots in central London locations.

3. Crema coffee maker from Bodum. £16. Give a man a macchiato and he'll be caffeinated for a few hours. Give him a French Press and a bag of Square Mile Coffee and he can caffeinate himself for years to come. The beans and/or a custom-designed KeepCup would make good gifts for someone who already possesses the power of coffee making.

4. Sloe gin from Sipsmith. £23.49. I had the pleasure of sampling Sipsmith's Pimm's-like Summer Cup at my college's ball earlier this year and it has encouraged me to try their gins too at some point. Not cheap, but worth it.

5. Alessi parrot corkscrew from the Conran Shop. £32. Yes, a corkscrew is a bit of a boring gift but this one is really funky. [I almost didn't include this product because of the bad typo in its name (as with the "guady" [sic] tin in the girls' list) but I do like it.]

Art, etc.
6. London type map from Bold and Noble. £43. If you love typography, maps, London or even Cambridge blue, you'll probably like this poster map. They now sell designs from a range of different cities and countries, including a New York City map (although I prefer Axis Maps' version of Manhattan).

7. Susan Bradley Fin bookend from Magma. £18.95. For the auteurcinephile, francophone or poseur in your life. Susan Bradley also makes cool London-themed book ends and letter racks.

8. Cross stitch moustache cufflinks from Hannah Zakari. £16. Thanks to Movember, many girlfriends, wives and children have come to fear the 11th month of the year. So why not buy these 'tache-stitched cufflinks and make a donation via the Movember website instead?

9. Romantic star projector from Infmetry. $22. Yes, this is probably aimed at kids but it's awesome! You can even programme it with your own location for a personalised star show. Seriously, even Clive Owen looks dodgy with a 'tache!

10. Moshi Moshi phone handset from the Conran Shop. £24.99. Sometimes, it can be really hard work holding your iPhone against your ear for long periods of time. Fortunately, this brightly coloured handset, based on 1950s designs, can be plugged into your iPhone or computer and acts as a speaker and microphone (it also works with Skype). If you think this is an overpriced iAccessory, check out this iTypewriter from Anthropologie; surprisingly, given its £698 price tag, it is currently out of stock.

Edit: Selfridges have just released their annual Christmas shopping voucher so you can get 10% off beauty, fragrance and wine (in store and online) and 20% off most other products. Woo hoo!

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