09 February 2011

Paulesque Panorama

Hidden away on the sixth floor of a hideous new shopping centre called One New Change (which sounds like a reality TV show boy band) is a spacious rooftop that provides an amazing close-up view of St Paul's Cathedral, as well as a good perspective of the London Eye and the river. A cafĂ© is opening there "in the spring" and I suspect that come the summer, ONC's roof will be very busy indeed. For now, though, it is an oasis of calm, at least on a cold evening, which is great for photoshoots.

We didn't have much time this evening as we had a reservation at Hix (the City branch) and there wasn't sufficient time for me to adjust my camera settings properly or to leap and as such, the photos we took were inferior to those taken the last time I was there. But for a quirky London panorama--and a free one at that--One New Change is definitely worth a visit.

And then it's just a 15-minute stroll up the road to Hix, Smiths of Smithfield and the assortment of other nice restaurants near Smithfield Market. When playing tour guide, however, and pointing out a place of "naughty men" (Merrill Lynch), it's really better not to turn around to face one's audience, if one wishes to avoid being run over by a speeding limo rushing said naughty men back to the office.

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