13 February 2011

Fire and Ice: Myung Ga Review

If The Bro had spent two years teaching English in Japan instead of Korea, I may have joined my parents and gone to visit him. As it was, I didn't really want to spend so much money on a flight to a country that wasn't near the top of my (admittedly long) to-visit list. Since The Bro's return, however, I've been meaning to try out Korean barbecue in London but wanted to go with an expert. We went to Myung Ga in Soho, which got three stars in Time Out.

I had to try the barbecue and it was quite exciting having the grill on our table, even if our waitress did try to rush us by moving one meat off onto a side plate so she could cook the next one (the restaurant wasn't overly busy so we'd have preferred not to let the meat get cold). We tried three different types of beef (kalbi, bulgogi and deung sim gui), which came with seasme oil and which were all really tasty (bulgogi was my favourite). Then, of course, I had to try the kimchi, which was redder and spicier than I was expecting but not untasty. And then there was the soju, of which The Bro has waxed lyrical on many an occasion. I was expecting something more akin to a 20% wine but it's actually more like weak vodka; certainly something I wanted to knock back rather than something I wanted to sip. I'm not a huge vodka fan anyway but it was nice not to feel very drunk after three shots.

Korean BBQ at Myung Ga
We decided to skip the Korean dessert, instead heading to Gelupo, the gelato and espresso bar associated with Bocca di Lupo. I tried the Gianduja brownie gelato, which was delicious, although I was very tempted by nocciola (hazelnut) and stracciatella (chocolate chip). And after the spiciness of the kimchi, my tongue welcomed the coolness of the ice cream.

Myung Ga. 1 Kingly Street, London, W1B 5PA (Tube: Oxford Circus). Website.


  1. After frequenting it and recommending it for over ten years I'm afraid to say I will ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE people from eating at MYUNG GA Korean restaurant on Kingly St in Soho.

    After overcharging our group (and we're all quite good at adding up!) the manager CALLED THE POLICE when we quibbled politely about the bill. Initially they refused to remove the over-charge (which we proved we were correct about by consulting the menu), so we said we'd just not-pay the service charge (optional by law anyway). I can't stress enough how measured, sober and polite we are, this was not a 'lads night out' rowdy group by a long shot. But anyway, the manager exploded at this point (not literally unfortunately) and ran screaming and shouting to pick up the phone and dialled 999 to summon the police, actual police, blue lights, nee-naw, 'now then now then' POLICE. (They never turned up obviously as they have genuine police work to do and don't need time wasters like Myung Ga management stopping them from doing their work).

    Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.

  2. I'm sorry you had a bad time. I've only been once and it was a nice enough meal.