04 May 2008

Super Sunday

Now that I've had time to recover from my close encounter of a Clive kind, I can concentrate on the rest of the day. I woke up at eight, not in the least bit jet lagged after nine hours' sleep. Today was the Five Boro Cycle Tour and so there were 30,000 cyclists racing along Sixth Avenue and along Central Park South, which was a great sight from the window. It wasn't really a race as there were so many people queuing up at various traffic lights along Sixth.

After a quick "cappuccino" (i.e. latte) and a bagel from a friendly, Mafioso Benny Hill fan on Sixth, I then went to Bloomie Nails to have my first ever manicure and now have pretty, pink nails. Maman and I had parallel manicures from some Japanese girls, while oh-so-metrosexual Papa had a pedicure, although his ticklish screams were enough to put me off ever wanting to undergo such torture.

It was then that Papa had the Grand Central brainwave, which led to Clive-fest, and I haven't quite got over the excitement just yet. Suffice to say, that it was probably the most awesome celebrity sighting of the year (yes, even more so than meeting Steve P., not least because I managed to restrain myself in front of Clive and didn't make a fool of myself). The notice I spotted on the way out also implied I might even be accidentally included in the background of the film. What a shame that would be — Clive and me on camera together!

After another "cappuccino" from the W on Lexington, it was shopping time. I did J. Crew again and then (naughty, naughty) went to Tiffany's for the first time. It might not be quite the same to buy yourself some Tiffany jewellery as to receive it for a gift, but it was still quite fun to go up to the silver jewellery floor and pick out a charm for my bracelet or to wear as a necklace (a B in a padlock). In the elevator, the operator said, "congratulations" to the girl who got out on the second floor (engagements and wedding rings). Sigh.

The sun then decided to shine, so I went to change into a skirt and shed my jacket. I then grabbed a choose-your-own-salad, which I ate in the park with the New York Times. Perfect. A bit more shopping still ensued, involving a trip to Bloomies.

Tonight we're going out for Italian and I will hopefully then head downtown for some bar action. What a great day!

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