04 May 2008

Clive Alert!

I popped back to the hotel to get changed, as the sun has finally deigned to come out in Manhattan, so I had to get the excitement of spotting Clive Owen out of my system!

Papa suggested we go to Grand Central to grab a coffee and I thought why not? When we got there, it was obvious that the people milling around in the central concourse were doing so in a more organised fashion than usual and then I spotted the film crew. Being me, I asked the stage manager what they were filming. A movie called Duplicity, she said. I asked who was in it and she said Julia Roberts and...Clive!

Then I spotted him, looking gorgeous in a grey suit! They shot the scene, which consisted of him answering his cell phone in the middle of the concourse and then walking across to one of the grand staircases and walking up and out the door, about three times. There was a huge crowd of spectators who kept ruining it by using the flash on their cameras even though, as one of the crew kept saying, they had provided the perfect lighting for us. I took quite a few pictures but my camera isn't so good without the flash; luckily, Papa n0w has a big paparazzi camera and he took about 50 for me, so I'll be posting some of those later when I've got them downloaded onto my computer (oh, and there are some of Julia Roberts too but who cares about that?).

Maybe Clive is following me. Not only did he shoot Chancer in my village when I was a kid, but he also came to distract me from revision for finals by shooting Elizabeth: The Golden Age in my college in 2006. Wow: what a superb day!

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