02 May 2008

One Shop to Rule Them All

Of course, there are many, many shops I love in New York, but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be J. Crew. Maybe its clothes aren't the most exciting in the world but it has jeans that actually fit me perfectly and it has gorgeous summer dresses and pretty tops. I imagine I will probably empty the contents of four or five of its Manhattan branches within the space of about three days (although my bank account may be emptied before the shops themselves are). This time tomorrow, it's quite conceivable I will be in the J. Crew at Columbus Circle, being flattered by the incredibly camp sales assistant. The flight gets in 1t 11.15 local time, so I will probably be shopping by lunchtime, NYC time.

Honourable mention: Kate's Paperie. I do love my stationery and Kate's store practically brings me to a stationery-fuelled orgasm. Pretty cards, beautiful writing paper, great notebooks... It's just a shame that I didn't manage to achieve my goal of writing a proper letter for Letter Writing Month, which was last month. There is something special about a beautifully-penned belle lettre on fancy stationery. Maybe next year.

Time to go prep my NYC Moleskine.

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