03 May 2008

Guess Who's Back

As transatlantic flights go, today’s was pretty damn tolerable. Window seat in Economy-plus, watched a good film (No Country for Old Men), read some of Empire of the Sun, caught some zs, arrived 30 minutes early. We got through immigration quickly and – thankfully – our baggage came too. Papa had arranged a car to take us to the hotel. Maman was very unimpressed when she discovered (after a few false starts in the car park) that it was a stretch limo. How embarrassing, she sez.

Ah well. We ended up at the hotel just before midday, which was pretty damn fast. The staff at the hotel were overly friendly and attentive, even by American standards, even though they missed the irony in my brother’s requesting of the Daily Mail along with the NYT that comes as standard. I had the impression that the brother and I were sleeping on a sofa bed in the parents’ room. The suite actually turned out to be ginormous, especially given that this is NYC, where hotel rooms tend to be of the mini variety. The brother and I have a huge living room with 17th floor views over Central Park. We walk into the large, marble bathroom and gape at its size. “This is the second bathroom,” sez the hotel lady. The master bathroom is even bigger. We have a fantastic shower, which I just tested out, and now feel energised and raring to go. The day is but young!

It’s definitely good to be back. It almost feels like returning home.

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