24 October 2007

The Waiting Game

This week's departure from New York was much less dramatic than that of two weeks ago. After a walk with the parents over Brooklyn Bridge and then through SoHo and The Village to my favourite coffee establishment (Joe's), we partook in a Supermarket Sweep-style last-minute emptying of Manhattan's retail establishments. Quick break for lunch at Bar Americain (a burger that was actually almost medium rare!) and then final shop, shower and pack before fleeing to the airport in our towncar.

It was grey and drizzly as well as being slow thanks to rush hour. No dramatic sunsets as per two weeks ago. Still, we checked in on time (just about) and the check-in guy spontaneously called The Powers That Be and told them that if anyone was going to get upgraded, I would (thank you First Class Check-in!). The main terminal concourse at JFK is a zoo at the moment so I'm just grateful to be in that great haven of the BA lounge with free snacks and internet (though not free WiFi). I tend to sleep whenever and wherever is convenient so I guess the upgrade isn't too essential. It is, however, very satisfying. Fingers crossed...

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