23 October 2007

Mariah, Marilyn and Madison

Another early start ce matin. Today we headed down to Rockefeller Plaza for Dean & Deluca breakfast in front of NBC's Today Show. We were wondering why there were so many policemen and purple-clad women standing outside until we realised that they had all come to see Mariah Carey talk on the show (is she still famous? I wonder if she has learned to sing yet). In any case, people were super-excited...

We took a sight-seeing cruise around the island as it was a pretty nice day, and the tour was pretty good, even though the guide did mention a) that it was going to rain tonight and b) that New York hasn't been the same since "our twins disappeared" about 500 times in the course of two hours. Walking back from the Hudson into midtown, it was rather windier than I had realised and I had a Marilyn Monroe moment in the middle of Times Square as my short black dress was swept up in the wind. Oh how embarrassing...

To regain my composure, I strolled up Madison Avenue to Ralph Lauren amid all the ladies who lunch and celebs in disguise, before stopping for coffee on the steps of the Met and walking back through the park. The Upper East Side is lovely, if snooty. Saturday mornings are the best time to go as parents take the kiddies out for breakfast and a stroll in the park or a trip to the zoo. Domestic bliss, NYC style.

I'm headed to Broadway tonight to see the musical Spring Awakening, and then I'm going down to the uber-trendy Williamsburg district of Brooklyn with The Bro and his friend.

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