28 January 2019

The Caffeine Chronicles: Workshop Coffee at The Pilgrm

Workshop Coffee — one of my all-time favourite London roasters — opened its latest coffee bar, to much acclaim, inside The Pilgrm Hotel in Paddington last summer. These days, however, I don't spend much time in that neighbourhood, so it isn't until I need to take a train from Paddington Station that an opportunity to visit presents itself.

Located on London Street, directly opposite Paddington Station, The Pilgrm Hotel might be missing an i but it certainly doesn't lack an eye for design, if its lobby is anything to go by. The mint green La Marzocco machine sits on the marble-meets-midcentury counter, while several low stools encircle the marble coffee tables by the windows that look out onto the street. On the other side of the grand, wooden staircase, smaller and squarer marble tables and stool seats are attached to the wall's wooden panels. There is some pleasing pendant lighting too.

Early on a wintry Saturday morning, there are only a few other customers. Although Workshop's hand-brewed filter coffee often impresses me, I don't have time to drink in and don't have a reusable cup with me. Instead, I order a piccolo, brewed with an Ethiopian Dimtu coffee. I'm not hungry yet but I also pick up an almond croissant for the train.

The piccolo is on the long side but smooth, sweet and well-balanced. I don't buy the beans, but if you do, Workshop often provides handy brew recipes for its espressos on its website. Several more customers come in while I am finishing my coffee, as the hotel guests — and Paddington more generally — begin to wake up.

And before long, it's time for me to slip out of these beautiful surroundings, past the vibrant blue tiling and back across Praed Street to the station. It seems as though I'm going to have to find more reasons to take a trip to Paddington Station.

Workshop Coffee at The Pilgrm. 25 London Street, London, W2 1HH (Tube: Paddington). Website. Twitter. Instagram.

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