05 November 2015

Autumnal Brunch at Brick House

The clock had barely struck midnight on 1 November when autumn finally arrived. October in London was mild this year, so it was a surprise to wake up to cool weather and thick fog on Sunday morning. I left home early, heading for East Dulwich via Peckham Rye, which looked beautiful in the ethereal mist.

I met some friends for brunch at Brick House, a bakery and café based just off Lordship Lane on Zenoria Street. Brick House is famous for its sourdough breads, especially the Peckham Rye (geddit?), but you can also enjoy a coffee, breakfast or brunch in the light, airy café. It's a lovely, high-ceilinged space with minimalist décor and just about enough tables for the weekend brunch crowd.

There are no hand-brewed filter coffees on the menu so I ordered a flat white (I hadn't yet reached the limit of my weekly lactose quota and was in the mood for a longer drink). They serve Square Mile coffee and the flat white was very good indeed with an excellent latte art heart; one worthy of a Twitter heart!

Then it was time to make some brunch decisions. Unsurprisingly, most of the dishes involved sourdough bread or toast, which suits me fine. In the end, I ordered the fried eggs, avocado and greens on toast (£8; you can switch the avo for bacon if you prefer). The food was very tasty although not quite served as I was expecting. Avocado on toast usually involves the avocado being smashed onto the toast rather than an intact avocado half, but I just did some of my own smashing. I would also have preferred the eggs poached instead of fried, but the world probably already has more than enough poached-egg-heavy brunch menus, I suppose. They also serve avocado on toast (£3), which was in fact smashed and served with chilli. Next time I might try that and the boiled egg and soldiers (£3.50).

The good news was that I still had room for a sweet treat. There were several different cakes, pastries and cookies on offer, but my friend and I decided to split one of the cinnamon buns (£4). It was still warm from the oven, drenched in sticky cinnamon sauce and liberally sprinkled with pecans. £4 is a little pricey but these bad boys are worth every bite.

The fog had dissipated slightly by the time we left and the sun even came out as we strolled over the Rye on the way home. If you're looking for a casual, bread-focused weekend brunch spot (or weekday breakfast or lunch spot, for that matter), Brick House is well worth a visit. I just wish I had bought a loaf to take home with me; it would have made my breakfasts this week a lot less sad!

Brick House. 1 Zenoria Street, East Dulwich, London SE22 8HP (East Dulwich rail). WebsiteTwitter.

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