12 August 2015

The Caffeine Chronicles: Allpress Dalston Roastery & Café

There couldn't have been a better day to visit Allpress's new Dalston roastery and café than a beautiful Sunday morning when the verdant front garden looked particularly lovely and the tables indoors were bathed in sunshine.

The new café, just down the road from Dalston Junction Overground, is even more lovely than the Shoreditch location. Unsurprisingly, when I arrived for a lazy late breakfast, all of the outdoor tables were fully occupied, so I joined the queue at the coffee bar and considered what to have for breakfast while trying to scout a free table.

As you would expect for an Allpress café, the coffee menu is comprehensive. There were a couple of single-origin filter coffees on offer at the brew bar — Sunday's choices were from Colombia and Ethiopia. The Colombian coffee also came served as a cold brew (£3), so I ordered that, along with a a piccolo chaser (£2.20). The café serves a few different food options that will take you from breakfast to tea. I was tempted by the boiled egg, tomato, provalone and avocado platter (£6.50), but as I was in more of a breakfast frame of mind, I went for the granola with apple yoghurt and berries (£5) instead. There are also a variety of sandwiches, salads, cakes and juices, to suit all appetites.

I spotted a seat at the counter, which allowed me to watch the chefs and the baristas work while I waited for my breakfast. There are more tables by the brew bar if the weather isn't nice enough to sit outside. The café is decorated tastefully with wood panelling and accents of moss green and soft grey. The big glass windows let in lots of natural light and it's a really lovely, chilled-out place to catch up over a coffee or a light bite.

I tackled my piccolo first and it was was smooth, rich and expertly prepared as the espresso-based drinks I've had at the other Allpress.

The cold brew was also very good: refreshing but full-bodied and flavoursome. My granola tasted great: the slivers of apple in the yoghurt contrasted nicely with the nutty crunchiness of the granola, and the berries were juicy and sweet. Naughty but very nice.

Allpress Dalston Roastery & Café. 55 Dalston Lane, London, E8 2NG (Dalston Junction Overground). Website. Twitter.

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