05 November 2014

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

How quickly another 5th November has rolled around. Once again, my south London friends and I went to our local display in Southwark Park, which was free and fun, and ended with plenty of time for me to get back home to watch The Apprentice.

The Southwark Park fireworks are usually pretty well organised, and it's great that the display is free (well, probably mainly funded by my council tax, but still). Although vast hoards of people were emerging from Bermondsey and Canada Water tube stations, I was able to meet my friends outside the park and in we went. Thinking strategically, we picked a spot close to the way out, to try to beat the inevitable rush to leave at the end.

After a brief introduction from — I think — the mayor of Southwark, who told us a bit about the Victorian park's history and future, the main event kicked off right on time. The full moon tonight was particularly cool.

This year's display was particularly good with some great choreography and a fun accompanying soundtrack, which spanned from Kate Bush to Frozen. And then it was time for the grand finale, which was pretty darn impressive.

And everything was finished by 7.13 pm. So efficient! We had thought about returning to the Angel for dinner but after last year's scampi catastrophe, we headed home instead. It is only Wednesday, after all...

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