01 November 2014

Oxford Wedding, Indian Summer

I've had such a busy few weeks at work that I haven't had much chance to blog. Last weekend — was it really only last weekend? — was spent back in Oxford for the third and final part of my brother's wedding celebrations. After two Canadian weddings, this one was mainly an opportunity for UK-based friends and family to celebrate with them. It was a hectic weekend, but a lot of fun. My nearly-90-year-old grandfather even joined in the fun by doctoring a clipping about George Clooney's wedding from the Sun to fit the occasion, and my parents organised a great reception — complete with flags. And despite our tiredness, a few of us managed to get out of bed to go running in Christchurch Meadow on Sunday morning.

Back in the office this week, it was so warm that it felt more like late August than late October, but at least King's Cross was getting into the autumn spirit. Some 3,000 pumpkins
made their way to the steps by the canal next to Granary Square ready for carving. They lit them all up at night and it was really pretty. As holidays go, I quite like Halloween, even if this year I just stayed in with some friends watching American Psycho and Alien and eating candy. Livin' the dream...

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this morning and even though I was tired, I forced myself to go out running. I decided to avoid my usual route along the river because Tower Bridge is so congested at the moment as thousands of people head to the Tower of London to see the poppies. Instead, I ran east along the Thames, through Rotherhithe. The tide was out and I was even able to run on the beach for a bit. I can't believe I was wearing my summer running kit in November and was still too hot. I just hope we don't have to pay for this clement autumn with an arctic winter.

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