03 August 2014

Peckham Rooftop Bars and Video Games

Friday night was such a Peckham night.

We started with a trip to Frank's Café, a bar on the rooftop of a multi-storey car park in Rye Lane. After navigating your way up through all the parking ramps, you arrive onto the rooftop and are greeted with a stunning view of the London skyline.

In a week of great sunsets, we probably picked the worst night: it was too cloudy and the sun went in too early for a truly beautiful sunset, but the evening was at least warm and the view is still impressive.

The bar is set up under a series of red tented canopies. The drinks—which include a good selection of cocktails, Meantime beers and a few wines—are all pretty reasonably priced, especially considering how much you would pay for a drink with a similar view in central London. Although it wasn't technically stormy, it felt like a Dark & Stormy night, so I stuck to that cocktail (£6.50); if it had been sunnier, I would probably have ordered the Pimm's Cup (£6).

The only slight problem with Frank's is that the loos aren't the nicest, so we headed in such of somewhere with plumbing. A few blocks further down Rye Lane is a new bar called The Four Quarters, which is jam-packed with retro arcade machines. We ordered some drinks at the bar and exchanged some GBP for a few batches of the eponymous four quarters, and tried our luck with the games.

I wasn't as good at pinball as I remembered, and my years of working for a science journal made me feel like PacMan was some sort of immunology experiment. The TRON game was particularly bewildering. However, it was all great fun and made me want to check out the SEGA and sake night at Matsuri St James's. Vive le video game, and all that.

Frank's Café. 10th floor, Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park, 95a Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST (Peckham Rye Overground). Website. Twitter.

The Four Quarters. 187 Rye Lane, London, SE15 3HZ (Peckham Rye Overground). Facebook. Twitter.

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