05 July 2014

The Paris of the Prairies

Yesterday was our last day in Vancouver — for now, at least — but our flight to Saskatoon wasn't until the afternoon, so we had a little bit of time to spend in the city. I did my usual run along the waterfront, followed by coffee at Revolver (still my favourite Vancouver coffee bar so far).

There was a Douglas Coupland exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery, which was just across from our hotel, but as it was $20 to get into the gallery and we didn't have a huge amount of time to kill, I picked up some post-ironic postcards from the gift shop instead.

We had brunch at a diner on Granville Street called The Templeton, which specialises in healthy comfort food. I had one of the less healthy options —a BBB burger (bacon cheeseburger with barbecue sauce — but it was really tasty. Mum's vegan chilli was also great, though. I put my quarter in the jukebox but they didn't get round to playing the Simple Minds before we left.

Then it was time to fly to Saskatoon for the wedding and accompanying celebrations. There were some great views of the Rockies from the plane and before we knew it, we were touching town in Saskatoon. After a wet spring, the city, nicknames the Paris of the Prairies, was beautiful and verdant with the hot afternoon sunshine sparkling on the Saskatchewan River.

Our hotel is on the river and pretty central, so we joined the bride and groom and some of the bride's family and went for dinner at Bottega Trattoria. It felt like an Old Fashioned kind of evening, so I ordered one of those while I decided on my food. The food was lovely, although the portions were huge, even by North American standards. It was a really nice evening, though, and we stayed around chatting long into the night as I tried to manage just one more mouthful of cheesecake.

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