03 June 2014

The Caffeine Chronicles: Soho Grind Review

Shoreditch Grind has been one of my favourite coffee shops in London for some time now: I love their style and they make a great macchiato. But I don't go to Old Street that often and as such, I was very pleased to see the trademark cinema-style sign for Soho Grind while walking down Beak Street last week. It turns out that the Grind folks have opened two new West End branches, the other one being inside Piccadilly Circus Tube station, which is awesome; I'm definitely in favour of having better coffee opportunities inside transport hubs.

I digress, however, because it was the Beak Street branch that I visited on Sunday afternoon. Beak Street and in fact much of the area around Regent Street seems to be undergoing extensive construction at the moment and it was a little tricky to navigate past the hoards at the bottom of Carnaby Street and into Soho Grind, but inside, it was a haven of great design and coffee goodness.

I ordered a macchiato (£2.30) and an amaretto (£1) and took a seat at one of their awesome custom-made stools, which have Soho Grind etched into the legs. I also liked the optical illusion floor print they have going.

The coffee didn't have as impressive a line in latte art as I've enjoyed in the Shoreditch branch (or any, in fact), and it was a little heavy on the milk (I prefer a tiny dash of milk and a small crown of foam), but otherwise, it was very good. They use their own blend and the macchiato was rich and smooth. The amaretto, which was filled with some kind of fruit jam, was a tasty accompaniment. I always like it when coffee shops offer small cakes or brownie bites because I'm not always hungry enough to eat a small cake.

Once the construction work on Beak Street is finished, it will be much more pleasant to hang out and people-watch in the window seats at Soho Grind. In the meantime, it's a welcome addition to the growing contingent of good coffee shops in Soho.

Soho Grind. 19 Beak Street, London, W1F 9RP (Tube: Piccadilly Circus). Website. Twitter.

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