04 February 2014

The Burger Bulletin: Burger Pit Review

Update (2015): Burger Pit has now rebranded as Breakfast & Burgers.

After a wild goose chase in search of a lost glove, I found myself walking home through the City tonight when I remembered spotting on Twitter that a new burger joint — Burger Pit — had opened on Leadenhall Street and was offering 50% off today. Even a hardened hamburgerologist like me tries not to have more than one burger per day, or even per week, and I had already partaken in a very fine Honest Burger at lunchtime. However, in the interests of hamburgerology, I decided to hit the Pit.

Nestled at the base of the Gherkin (appropriately enough), just around the corner from Leadenhall Market, Burger Pit occupies some prime real estate. You can't miss it either, with its bright yellow storefront and neon sign. Today was their first day and they are still in soft-launch mode, so it was pretty quiet inside, save for the cool choons. As I was leaving, though, a whole crowd of people headed in, so I must have started a trend.

The decor is casual and neutral, with pops of citrus. There are a few small tables and a longer counter for perching. The menu is etched on a huge blackboard. Like Tommi's Burger Joint, they offer meal deals, and as at Tommi's, you can upgrade to a steak burger. I would have dearly loved to try the steak burger, especially at the bargainous price of £7.25 including fries and soda, with the 50% off. But after my burger-ful lunch, that felt like an indulgence too far, so I went for a cheeseburger, the full price of which is £6.50.

Burger Pit has a few other things in common with Tommi's: it's at the faster end of the food spectrum, for one thing, and the burgers are served unceremoniously in plastic baskets. The burger was also really good. I forgot to ask to have mine medium rare, but it came beautifully pink in the middle and was very juicy and meaty, dripping all over the table in the way a great burger does.

I usually like to try the fries at a new burger restaurant but I was just too full. Oh well. I'll just have to go back when I haven't already reached my daily burger limit and try the steak burger and fries. They are still figuring out opening times and such like, but the upside of the soft launch is that you can get 50% off for the rest of today and tomorrow (5 February). It's great to see a great burger joint in the City at last. What's not to like?

The Burger Pit. 106 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3A 4AA (Tube: Aldgate). Website (not yet functional). Twitter.


  1. Interesting! I've heard a range of different things about this place, so will have to check it out soon. Maybe once the initial rush is over.

    1. It's definitely nice having a burger joint in a mostly burgerless area of London!