31 January 2014

Bex's Guide to London: Mapping My Favourite Food & Drink Spots

This month, I have been compiling a few of London food and drink top tens: coffee bars, burgers and cocktails. I have now integrated all of my favourite places into a custom Google Map. As the venues span from darkest Bermondsey to the North (well, King's Cross), it's hard to see things in any detail in the embedded version of the map below, so I suggest you click through to the Google Map here.

I hope you find my London guide useful. I plan to add to this map, to include a broader selection of food and drink options, and to create a "things to do in London" map in the near future.

Part 1: Top 10 London coffee bars
Part 2: Top 10 London burgers
Part 3: Top 10 London cocktails

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