29 November 2013

Bex's 2013 Christmas Gift Guide: Guys

Earlier this week, I posted the first part of my 2013 Christmas gift guide series, with my suggestions of gifts to get for the ladies in your life. Today, I have some ideas of what to buy your beau — or your buddy, your brother, or...well, you get the idea. Some of these items would make great gifts for women too. Possibly not #7, but I'm not judging.

1. iPad Mini with Retina display from Apple. From £319. OK, so it's pretty pricey and if you already have a tablet and/or iPhone, you don't really need an iPad Mini, but you will love it and you will be loved if you buy this as a gift. Luckily for me, the second generation Mini was released just in time for my birthday, so I've been able to put my aged first-generation iPad into semi-retirement. The Mini fits in the smallest of bags and is slim and light but with a decent-size, great-looking screen. In fact, my iPhone had better watch its back.

Home and away
2. Word map of London from Places and Spaces. £25. This typographic map of London, which comprises numerous cultural, historical and architectural concepts that define the city. Perfect for cartophiles and Londonists alike.

Word map of London from Places and Spaces

3. London vintage map umbrella from The Conran Shop. £135. In case you haven't noticed or are new here, I really like maps. Cunningly, the underside of this stylish brolly features a vintage map of London, just in case you can't get enough wifi signal to load up Google Maps on your iPad Mini (see above).

4. Rapha Europe city cycling guides from Paul Smith. £25. A gorgeous collection of books highlighting seven of Europe's best cycling cities — and London. With things to do and places to cycle in each city, they're as useful as they are beautiful. And they will look beautiful on your bookshelf.

5. VEJA leather travel wallet from Selfridges. £85. Initially, I thought this was the kind of travel wallet with room for a passport and boarding pass. It isn't, but it's still very stylish and has plenty of room for coins, cards and receipts. The burgundy version is currently sold out online at Selfridges, but other colours, including turquoise, are available.

Image from: Selfridges

6. Bacon money clip from Jack Spade. $68. For the guy who doesn't need space to keep coins and cards, but who does want to show everyone who brings home the bacon, this money clip might be a good choice. Besides, I had to include something bacon related in this gift guide and it wasn't going to be this.

7. Murdock luxury shave gift voucher from Liberty. £55. Murdock isn't your father's barbershop and their luxury shave experiences are extremely pampering — but still totally manly, of course. The lucky gent won't be able to believe how smooth his skin feels afterwards and the feeling can last for weeks.

8. Mr Natty Bay Rum Aftershave. £25. To help maintain his post-Murdock glow... Any company that takes inspiration from the dashing blokes of the 16th century gets a thumbs-up from me. Mr Natty says: "Our Bay Rum is blended from bay leaves and rum — in much the same manner as the sailors from Sir Francis Drake’s time used to make it." Handily, this soothing aftershave comes with a "do not drink me" warning, which, given the warm, spicy smell, might have been tempting.

Bay rum aftershave from Mr Natty

9. One BrewDog "Equity for Punks" share. £95. I'm not a beer drinker, so I've never been to the two London BrewDog bars, in Camden and Shoreditch, but a number of friends have recommended them as a great place to drink craft beer and hang out. And £95 will give you the opportunity to hang out at a bar that you (part-) own. Share-holders get an Equity for Punks card, which translates into discounts, freebies and special events. If you'd just like to buy someone some nice beer, I recommend the Shotover Brewing Company, which is run by my parents' best friends. They do great gift sets.

Image from: BrewDog

10. Izola hair of the dog hip flask from Heal's. £25. Because nothing says "hangover cure" like an overly literal sentiment on a hip flask. The "best intentions" one works well too. Izola is basically Kate Spade for guys.

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