20 October 2013

South Bank Stroll

October is, apparently, national apple month. And no, not because of the event in San Francisco next week that is expected to launch the next versions of the iPad and the iPad mini. Borough Market declared today Apple Day, and they were hosting a whole series of events, from theatre to strudel making.

I was on my way to the cinema and didn't have a lot of time, but I wandered through the market and picked up some Chegworth Valley apples and admired the autumnal festivities.

Further along the river, I stopped by Shopping & E*ting, a new pop-up café-bar and shop, which is celebrating the National Theatre's 50th birthday. You can pick up some food, including tarte Tatin and Scotch eggs, from the van outside and bring it inside to the shiny bar that forms the centrepiece of the shop. They serve coffee inside too, from a nice-looking La Marzocco machine.

Today, though, I was more attracted by the shopping side of things. They sell a carefully curated selection of stationery (much of it neon coloured, to my delight), stylish homewares and art- and theatre-themed gifts. I picked up a couple of presents, as well as some neon pink washi tape and a magnetic pink pencil for myself.

The pop-up will be there for three months or so — maybe more if the venture is a success. I plan to pop back to try the coffee and the nibbles. And possibly to buy yet another neon pink notebook. I can't not.

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