25 September 2013

Bex's Guide to NYC: Mapping My Favourite New York Places

Throughout September, I've been putting together a series of blog posts highlighting my favourite espresso bars, burgers, cocktails and things to do in New York. As promised, I've now put everything together in a Google Map. It works best if you click through to the Google Map here, as the embedded version is somewhat petite.

Google has recently updated its "my maps" functionality, which meant a snazzier design than I was used to. You can now choose different symbols for different types of place and you can also add places to up to three different layers, which you can turn on or off depending on what you would like to show. In this case: coffee, food and drink, and things to do.

I hope you find my NYC map useful and if you're interested in this kind of thing, you will probably be pleased to know you can create map points directly from a Google spreadsheet.

I'll probably be adding to this map pretty soon as I will be back in New York later this week. At last.

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