10 August 2013

Saturday Grazing and Stationery Shopping

Today was filled with many of my favourite things. This morning saw the second meeting of the South London Doughnut Running Club (SoLoDo RC, if you will). I've been doing a six-mile circuit of the Thames pretty much every Saturday morning since I moved SOTR, but when some of my friends heard that the reward for my virtue was a doughnut at St John Bakery on Druid Street at the end of the course, they wanted in.

Chocolate custard doughnuts at St John Bakery.

I went for a chocolate custard doughnut and it was pretty well-constructed, which meant that most of the custard ended up in my mouth instead of on the floor. Afterwards, we grabbed a coffee from Monmouth, and then went to sit on the Ropewalk. Most of my friends had Reubens and root beer from Monty's Deli, which they proclaimed to be the best Reuben they had ever eaten — and this group included North Americans. I only had £2.50 left and wasn't that hungry, which ruled out a lot of the food options, so I headed to Hansen & Lydersen, where some very good-looking open smoked salmon sandwiches were being lined up. "But I spent all my money on doughnuts," I said sadly when I found out they cost £3 each, to the amusement of the friendly stallholders and the other customers. They let me have a "small" one for my £2.50, and it was a good 'un.

Smoked salmon snack.

I also spotted a juice stall with the most puntastic names ever: The Fennel Countdown had the best name, while My Funny Melontine sounded the tastiest. Another day...

In the afternoon, I needed to pick up a few office supplies, which turned into a not-that-mini stationery haul. I made the mistake of going into the London Graphic Centre, and spent 20 minutes deliberating between the Starlet neon pink notebook with a mini-dot grid on the paper, from a brand called Nuuna, and a Paperways A5 notepad with a turquoise grid print. In the end end, I went for the Nuuna notebook, and I love its flexible, glossy pink cover. I also picked up a few coloured pens and a hot pink, magnetic, retractible paper cutter.

Heal's was having a bit of a refurb, but I did spot a collection of gorgeous handle-less mugs with letters of the alphabet — the typography was drawn by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. I don't need any more mugs, but I thought it would make a great pen holder.

I also popped into Habitat with the explicit purpose of buying a bin for my bathroom. Naturally, I also came out with a bright turquoise candle and a blue clock for my kitchen. It isn't my fault my oven display shows the temperature not the time whenever it's turned on.

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