09 August 2013

You've Gotta Roll with It: B.O.B.'s Lobster Review

I had been hoping for a return visit to Burger & Lobster when we had a family dinner on Monday, but the mama felt it would be disloyal to go without the papa, so we went to Wahaca instead, which was nice as always. After a bit of a tough day at work today, though, I thought I deserved a bit of a treat and luckily, I remembered that when I went to Elliot's Burger Bar at Borough Market, I had spotted a red VW camper van serving lobster rolls. I put two and two together and made what I will dub LoRoThu: lobster roll Thursday.

B.O.B.'s Lobster's Borough Market pop-up.

They're all so friendly!

Everything about B.O.B's Lobster is fun, from the retro van, to the foam-hand-bearing staff (who are incredibly friendly), to the cute olde-worlde tickets you get to exchange for your drinks, to the deckchair seating. The menu is pretty simple and, unsurprisingly, mainly lobster-focused. I was torn between the lobster roll and the lobster mac and cheese, but in the end, my purist side won. You select what you want from a little checklist, hand in your order and take a seat on one of the red deckchairs or wherever you can find to perch.

Red as a lobster.

While you wait, you can pick up your drinks from the bicycle drinks cart. I ordered a home-made lemonade, but they also have beers and Prosecco.

After a brief wait, my lobster roll arrived. It was on the petite side compared to many of its US confederates, but more than enough for a hungry Bex, especially with the accompanying bag of Pipers black pepper and salt crisps that I didn't really need. The roll was a delicious toasted brioche that was just sweet enough. As for the lobster, it was fantastic: tender, flavoursome, and just oozing with buttery, garlicky juices. Fortunately, they provide you with a hand wipe; I was definitely not dressed appropriately for a lobster roll today.

Lobster rollin' in the deep.

Then I eated it.

My roll, crisps and lemonade came to £14.50, which makes even Burger & Lobster seem pricey. The roll itself was £11, and most of the other mains were cheaper: the lobster mac and cheese was £8, as were the ahi tuna tacos, and the lobster bisque was a steal at £6. I'll definitely be back to try the mac and cheese — and to chat to the staff, who are all so happy and nice.

B.O.B.'s will be in Borough Market Tuesday to Saturday from 7–10.30 pm, until September. They also do take-out, so if it's packed, you could always take your supper and sit by the river.

B.O.B.'s Lobster. Stoney Street, Borough Market (near Elliot's). Website. Twitter. #TheVanIsComing

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