09 July 2013

The Oxford Caffeine Chronicles: Modern Art Oxford Review

I've lived in Oxford for more than half of my life, including three summers working at the city's tourist information office, and yet I've somehow never managed to visit Modern Art Oxford. Technically, I still haven't, I suppose, but we did at least stop there for coffee on the way to our family lunch on Sunday. During the summer, they pull the gorgeous custom tables and chairs out into a sort-of semi outdoor space, just off St Ebbe's and it's a really nice place to hang out on a sunny afternoon.

The café at Modern art Oxford. Love the décor.

The Modern Art Oxford Café used to serve Monmouth Coffee, but they now use Ue, a local coffee roaster. I had been hoping for an iced filter coffee, ideally made with an Aeropress, but they only served pre-assembled iced coffee, with milk in, so instead I went for a double macchiato.

The double macchiato.

The coffee was pretty good, although not up to London standards and not as good as The Missing Bean either. There was a little too much milk for my taste, and the the coffee wasn't as rich and flavoursome as I am used to. But not a bad coffee for Oxford, and I'd certainly return to the café next time I'm in town with some time to kill.

The Modern Art Oxford Café also serves a tempting array of pastries, as well as local beers and ciders, and wine from a locally sourced company. And besides, the café is right next to the museum gift shop, which has a great selection of design-oriented gifts. What's not to like?

Modern Art Oxford Café. 30 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP. Website. Twitter.

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