12 April 2013

In Search of Coffee and Monkeys

I'm off adventuring in the morning. My bags are packed—I'm taking a little more than shown in the photo, but not much—and in case you can't guess, I'm going to Costa Rica for a fortnight, which achieves my not-really-a-resolution of taking a two-week holiday in a new hot country. Work has been pretty hectic this year, but luckily, although all the hotels are booked, a lot of the activities can be arranged once we're out there. I'm hoping that ziplining through the cloud forest, checking out cute monkeys and other charismatic fauna, visiting a coffee plantation, trekking to a volcano and lying on a beach will all feature at some point. At the very least, it will be nice to leave the endless London winter for a few weeks.

Costa Rica essentials. Just add a sun hat. And an umbrella.

As for my other not-really-resolutions (re-reading more books and re-watching more movies), I'm doing fairly well on the former, but this year has been so busy that I've barely been able to keep on top of new films, let alone re-watch old favourites. I've managed a few though.

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