15 March 2013

Time Flies When You're Having Fundi

It's to Fundi's credit that I ordered one of their pizzas from their KERB stall at lunchtime today, even though I'd eaten pizza once already this week at Caravan, and even though I was craving my usual Friday Bleecker Street cheeseburger. But I could hardly turn down an Oxford-based purveyor of wood-fired pizza, and besides, their pizzas looked really good.

Fundi's KERB pitch

£6 will buy you a margherita with delicious mozzarella and tasty tomato sauce. More interesting toppings are also available, but weren't up my street. I'm a purist when it comes to pizza, anyway; if you have good-quality ingredients and a wood-fired oven, you don't need a lot of fancy toppings (take note, Caravan). My pizza was just about the right size for me, although I was pretty hungry and couldn't manage the brownie I had bought for pudding. The base itself was thin, but with "puffy" crusts that are just crispy enough.

The art of pizza

Overall, a fab pizza, and as I haven't seen Homeslice at KERB for a while, it's good to have another great pizza option in the mix. Of course, what would be even more amazing would be if I could have half a Fundi pizza with a mini Bleecker Street burger—a Funcker Street burgza, if you will. Because there are few first world problems more challenging than whether to order pizza or a burger from your favourite street-food market as a Friday lunchtime treat.

The finished product

Fundi will be doing a few test dates around London over the next few weeks, including KERB's market at the Gherkin on 21 March, and they also pop up at various Oxfordshire venues. Maman spotted them at the Library pub on Oxford's Cowley Road recently. Oh, and if you're wondering, and because I'm a linguist I was, the name comes from the Swahili for "person skilled in maintaining or making specialised equipment" and the plural of the Italian for "anatomic nomenclature for bottom i.e. crust."

Fundi @ KERB and elsewhere. Check out the "find us" section of their website or try their Twitter feed.

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