08 February 2013

Out of the Frying Pan: Spit & Roast Review

After a far-too-long absence, KERB, the street-food market formerly known as eat.st, returned to King's Cross this week. I had been looking forward to a cheeseburger from Bleecker Street Burger all week long, but in the end I was seduced by the wares of Spit & Roast, purveyors of fine buttermilk fried chicken, among other things.

Spit & Roast's KERB patch

I had hoped to be able to try out the spit-roast chicken with garlic and herb potatoes and gravy, but the only menu option today was the buttermilk fried chicken bap with hot Korean sauce and fennel slaw. I wasn't too sure about the Korean sauce, so they glazed my chicken with a combination of hot BBQ sauce and tamarind sauce instead. "We prefer to talk our customers through things rather than just listing everything on the menu," said one of the chefs. Perfect for fussy people like me then. The chicken was deliciousjuicy and flavoursome and the buttermilk coating was perfectly complementary. The slight kick in the BBQ course meant that I was sufficiently full after I'd finished my sandwich, although had I been left craving more, Spit & Roast were teaming up with Bleecker Street Burger today to offer sweet potato fries topped with jerk pork gravy. Yum!

Buttermilk fried chicken with BBQ sauce and fennel slaw

At £6 for a bap, Spit & Roast isn't especially cheap for street foodcompared to £4.50 for a Bleecker Street cheeseburger, for examplebut their food is really good and I definitely want to test out some of the other dishes in their repertoire.

Spit & Roast @ KERB (Tube: King's Cross) and elsewhere; check out their Tumblr or Twitter feed more information.

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