26 December 2012

NYC: White Christmas (Almost)

Well, the forecasters have been predicting snow in New York on Boxing Day for over a week and they were right. We have had epic snow this afternoon. Luckily, we had already decided to do our Brooklyn Bridge walk yesterday when it was cold but gloriously sunny, with clear views over to the Statue of Liberty and far uptown.

This afternoon, we couldn't even see the tops of the buildings on Central Park South when standing by the Wollman Rink. We had planned to go ice skating but, given the blizzard, they were closing the rink down and, in any case, it wouldn't have been very pleasant. Stoically, we posed for a few photos instead and then headed back to the hotel, via a few shops.

This evening, we are going for a pre-dinner cocktail at Ning, the rooftop bar at the Peninsula (weather permitting), followed by Mexican food. A fun, if untraditional Boxing Day. A bit like yesterday, really, which wasn't your typical Christmas Day. When that means a delicious pizza for dinner at Trattoria dell'Arte, another family favourite, I'm hardly going to be complaining.

Although Central Park did look very pretty in the snow, I'm hoping normal weather service will resume for our last day in the city tomorrow, so that I can do some last-minute shopping without too much interruption.

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