23 December 2012

NYC: Christmanhattan

It's been a very long day and I'm pretty beat but I don't care because I'm in New York City with my family for Christmas. Our flight was mostly uneventful (apart from the stomach-churning descent) but due to the pilot parking 12 inches away from the jetty (or something), we had to sit on the plane at the terminal for an hour. Nonetheless, I was shopping by 4.30 pm local time, so not a bad run.

It's been nine years since my last New York Noël and I'd forgotten how insanely busy the Rockefeller Center gets at this time of year. The tree was so pretty, though, and it didn't hurt that J. Crew is right next door. They were also doing 30% off everything, including sale items, which meant I got a pretty pink alpaca cardigan with jewelled buttons for about $35 instead of the $72 full price. I also picked up a turquoise v-neck and a pink bangle, and I'm sure I'll be back before this trip is over.

I then battled the crowds of Fifth Avenue to pay a quick visit to Henri Bendel. I really started to get into the mood with the bells of St Thomas's ringing, the smell of roasting chestnuts and that refreshing chill in the air. I didn't have much time to unpack before we met up with The Bro's in-laws and then went for a quick dinner at The Burger Joint, tucked away behind the red curtain in the lobby of the Parker Meridien, one of my favourite burgers in the city. There wasn't much of a queue and it suited us very well tonight.

Now it's time to get some sleep so I'm ready for my first full day in the city.

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