10 December 2012

A Fine Time Near the Prime Meridian

Since moving SOTR, I've had to adjust my London compass somewhat. What used to be a 15-minute saunter down to Selfridges now takes a bus ride and/or a long walk. On the other hand, what felt like an epic journey to Greenwich now just involves a relatively brief jaunt on the 188 bus. I have been meaning to take a trip to Greenwich since moving, and today I headed over to check out the covered market.

Coasters, jewellery and other good gift ideas

The indoor market has dozens of stalls, most of which sell hand-made, vintage and arty items, making it a good destination for Christmas shopping. I arrived just before lunch and the place was heaving. It took me a little while to realize that there were more people dressed in Santa costumes than you might expect for a single market place, but it turned out they were just enjoying a little post charity-race retail therapy.

There were some great jewellery stalls, including one where I picked up a pair of earrings as part of Maman's Christmas present. I almost bought her some marble coasters created using vintage programmes from the football team of her choice (the stall owner was careful to separate Wolves from West Brom, I noted), but the stall was too busy and there didn't seem to be much choice on the Wolves front. I did buy myself some turquoise coasters, though from a stall selling beautiful, bright, marbled products. Another nice gift idea was the "candle in a vintage teacup." Sure, you could make your own for much less than the £10 asking price, but these were very pretty.

Santas flocking to Greenwich Market

There is also a food section, where you can grab a quick lunch. I knew I was having an early dinner, so I just bought a cheese and bacon pastry, but you could also buy sushi, paella, Thai curry, and a whole host of other standard street food fodder.

L: The Cutty Sark. R: Looking back from the ORNC to Canary Wharf

It was cold at my place this morning, but several more bends further down the Thames and there was a bitingly cold wind. Not very pleasant for standing around admiring the scenery, but I did pass by the Cutty Sark and paid a quick visit to the Old Royal Naval College, where you can visit the chapel and the beautiful 18th century painted hall for free. Also handy for defrosting chilly fingers. I didn't have time to visit the Royal Observatory and the meridian today, but now that I've started to get more of a feel for the area, I'm sure I'll be back. On a warmer day, though, probably...

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