05 November 2012

All Fired Up

I wasn't feeling great today, but did manage to make it down to my local park for an hour this evening, which was where Southwark Council were holding their fireworks this year. Five years of May Balls in Cambridge and some impressive displays in Cannes have made me into something of a firework snob, but actually the display in Southwark Park was pretty good. The park was rammed with people when I arrived just before seven, but luckily my friends had chosen to convene near a bouncy castle, which was a useful landmark.

It wasn't too crowded where we were standing and we had a good view of the fireworks. It wasn't quite in the same league as the St Jocks' May Ball, but I was impressed with the length and choreography of the display tonight, and the music was OK too (they seemed to be having a Bond/gold theme; cue Skyfall, Goldfinger/Spandau Ballet's Gold). I was expecting a fairground or other entertainments, like on Midsummer Common in Cambridge, but there wasn't much to do afterwards so we all went our separate ways.

Getting out proved to be even more tricksy than getting in. One of the main exits to the park was closed, which left huge bottlenecks around the others. Overall, though, it was a fun experience and I hope that they will use the same venue next year.

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