16 October 2012

The Caffeine Chronicles: Sourced Market Review

When I celebrated the arrival of good coffee in the King's Cross area, in the form of the Brewhouse on York, a reader suggested I check out Sourced Market in St Pancras station. Sourced is a little bit like being in the Ferry Building in San Francisco, but on a much smaller scale. They sell a whole range of food products--mostly locally sourced and/or organic--from artisanal breads, to fruit and veg, and posh ready-meals. On their website, they say: "At St Pancras we take all the great attributes of farmers’ markets into the beating heart of the city."

The coffee section of Sourced at St Pancras

I wouldn't go that far but they do sell some really nice food, and you can also eat in, perching at one of the communal tables. Well, it beats the usual train station Pret, doesn't it? I've picked up snacks, like these yummy Salted Peanut Caramel Crackers from the Grown Up Chocolate Company, but I don't think I've tried the coffee before. Although they serve Monmouth Coffee, I wasn't convinced their macchiato was going to be outstanding. Today, I was in need of further caffeination and so I gave them a shot. Or rather, they gave me a double-shot.

Double mac: appearances can be deceiving

My macchiato was served in a cup that was too large and although there was a good crema, it didn't look too impressive. Wot, no latte art?! Actually, though, it was pretty good. Not best-in-the-city good, but definitely good for the King's Cross area, and much better than any other coffee you can buy in St Pancras. The coffee was rich and flavoursome and there was about the right amount of milk and foam--slightly more than I prefer, but I like a fairly dry macchiato.

Of course, with Brewhouse on York just outside King's Cross and Caravan just up the street-food market boulevard, not to mention the Aeropress in my office, I probably won't be stopping by too often, but it's good to know Sourced's coffee is good. You can never have too many purveyors of fine coffee, especially in N1.

Sourced Market St Pancras station (it's on the ground floor, opposite the ticket office). Tube: King's Cross-St Pancras. Website.

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