18 October 2012

The Burger Bulletin: Honest Burgers

I've had Honest Burgers in my sights for a while but I rarely go to Brixton, so I was happy to hear that they recently opened a branch in Soho, on Meard Street, an unassuming alley (the one that bears this sign) off Dean Street. Perfect for a quick dinner before the movie last night then. The Soho branch is fairly small, with only a handful of tables inside, and a few more under the awning outside--with heating.

Honest Burgers' new Soho branch

When I arrived just before six last night, it was just starting to get busy, but I secured a table and got to work on the menu. This didn't take long. You can have a chicken burger, a beef burger or some sort of veggie fritter concoction. You can also have cheese and/or bacon. I went for a cheese burger, which came with red onion relish and, included in the £8 price tag, a portion of house chips with rosemary salt. While I was waiting I sipped on a homemade lemonade, which was pretty good, although needed a good stir.

Cheese burger with cheddar, onion relish and rosemary salt fries

The burger itself came to my medium-rare specifications--it was really pink inside and very juicy. The relish was good too, although did detract a little from the flavour of the cheddar. The chips were also nice--perhaps a dash too salty, although the rosemary added a nice kick. The more observant of you will notice that there is no fork in the photo above. I thought it was a mistake and was about to ask for one, but I realised that no one else had a fork. It's one of those places where you're supposed to eat with your hands. This is fine for a burger and fries--although it did mean I had to eat the top half of my bun, which I normally leave--but less good when you're trying to eat the shredded lettuce you asked to have on the side.

Honest Burgers: the restau, the burger, the bill, the menu and the lemonade

Manners aside, Honest Burgers is great. The service was efficient, the staff were friendly and the burger was excellent. £8 for a quality cheese burger and fries in Soho is a very good deal, especially as there is no "optional" 12.5% service charge. If you're in the area and in need of something fast, cheap and meaty (ah hem), look no further than Honest Burger. At the very least, you won't have to queue for an hour or two, like you would at Burger & Lobster if the crowds outside there tonight are anything to go by.

Honest Burgers. 4a Meard Street, London, W1F 0EF (Tube: Leicester Square). Website. Twitter.

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