29 October 2012

Looking East-er

After getting back from the Pays Noir fairly late on Saturday, I decided to take advantage of the extra hour granted by the clock change to go running along the Thames Path. This time, though, I went east, following the river as it loops around Rotherhithe, before looping back via Surrey Quays and Southwark Park. I'm still getting used to the terrain and the best routes, so it took me a little longer than normal. Slightly annoyingly, if you want to run directly alongside the river, you have to keep cutting back onto the road, what with all the docks and private residence.

Autumnal Canary Wharf panorama

It was quiet and pleasant, though, and I'll definitely consider a similar route on those weekend mornings when I just can't face the hoards of tourists that descend to the stretch of the Thames Path that runs between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge.

Escher or Ariadne from Inception seem to have been messing with the waterfront opposite Canary Wharf

While getting my bearings, I snapped a few photos of Canary Wharf, including the one just above, where the panorama mode over-emphasises the curve of the river, which is much less pronounced here in real life. I've said this before, but I do love London in the autumn. And by autumn, I mean crisp, sunny days, where you can crunch through the fallen leaves--not the cold, grey, drizzly weather that we have got on about 27 days so far this month.

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