10 July 2012

It's All Greek to Me: 10 Greek Street Review

At any given time, there are at least ten restaurants on the to-try section of my London Moleskine. Sometimes, a great new burger place will open and will have queue-jump the others, which have all been waiting patiently. 10 Greek Street in Soho is one such place. I spotted it a few months ago and thought it looked like an interesting place: low-key and casual but with a creative and thoughtful menu. I was finally able to try it out with The Ex last night and we had a great meal.

10 Greek Street on a Monday evening

I'm glad we looked at the menu outside before we came in because there are no food menus on the tables; instead the options are inscribed on the blackboards on the walls, but because 10 Greek Street is a fairly small restaurant, it isn't always possible to get a particularly good view of the menu. I had already narrowed my main course down to two choices: the whole lemon sole, samphire and shrimps, or if I could persuade The Ex to share it with me, the Welsh Black bavette, new potatoes and spring greens. We went for the latter, in the end, although the former was a popular choice and it did look very good. I was initially concerned that the waiter didn't ask how we would like the steak cooked, but he assured us it would come served medium-rare to rare, which was perfect. The potatoes and greens were tasty but it was the beef that was the centrepiece, of course. It was cooked perfectly and was really juicy and tender. A little hardcore, perhaps, for a Monday night in July, but then the weather was definitely more like October.

The bavette (for two) was really good

I wasn't quite tempted by any of the puddings--the panna cotta with summer berries probably would have been good--so we went to Gelupo in Archer street for a gelato instead. We did enjoy a couple of seasonally-inappropriate cocktails with our meal: The Ex had the Pimm's-like Sipsmith Summer Cup, and I had a bramble. Mine wasn't quite sweet enough for my taste and I preferred the other drink, but both were strong and well mixed.

Summer cocktails. Sunshine optional.

There was a lovely ambiance at 10 Greek Street, even on a rainy Monday evening. We arrived at about 6.30 and there were still a number of free tables, but by the time we left, the place was rammed. Naturally, they don't take bookings in the evenings, but you would probably be safe on a Monday or Tuesday evening, and if not, there are so many other great places on Greek, Frith and Dean Streets. Next on my list: Burger & Lobster's new Soho branch and then Duck Soup.

10 Greek Street. Er, 10 Greek Street, London, W1D 4DH (Tube: Tottenham Court Road). Website. Twitter.

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