07 May 2012

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

After five days exploring Istanbul and its environs, I got back home late last night. After the gorgeous Turkish sunshine, the cold London weather was a bit of a shock to the system, although not much of a surprise. Despite feeling rather photographically uninspired during my trip, I still managed to take almost 400 photos, and I'll be posting a few photos and experiences from my trip once I've gone through them all.

Istanbul by night, from the Galata Tower

Overall, though, with its similarities to San Francisco, Stockholm, Marrakesh and, er, Walsall (!), Istanbul is a cool, vibrant city that ticks a whole load of city-break boxes--you can see a lot of the city and fit in an excursion or two with a four- or five-day visit. And the sunny weather definitely didn't hurt either.

The Blue Mosque on a Sunday morning

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