24 May 2012

Glossybox May 2012: Now We Are One

This month marks Glossybox's first birthday and it's also my half-year Glossybox anniversary. When I signed up to the service, I said I would give it six months and then evaluate how much value I was getting out of the service, and I will do that in a separate post (spoiler: I like the service overall but I'm definitely wavering).

I'll just do a quick update on the products in last month's box, which was a bit disappointing for me. I have enjoyed using my Iniko eyeliner and the Figs & Rouge balm and I've also been pleased with the Burt's Bees body lotion. I love the smell and feels nice on my skin. Less successful were the two face products. I dislike the smell of the Caudalie thirst-quenching serum and it didn't really work for my skin type. The Monu collagen cream had a gorgeous fragrance but was way too rich for me. After this box, I was desperately hoping for some oily skin-appropriate skincare products (either that or no skincare products at all).

And so to the May Glossybox. As part of the birthday celebrations, Glossybox included a little branded mirror compact, which will be very useful for my desk at work, and a pink balloon. A nice touch, I thought. As for the beauty products themselves, here's what I received this month:

May 2012 Glossybox: a very full box

1. Noble Isle bath and shower gel in summer rising (75 ml). I'm pleased with this sample; I enjoy using my Glossybox shower gel samples rather than having to buy the kind of cheap shower gel I normally purchase (I scrimp on shower gel in favour of skincare). I am not enamoured with the scent--it's slightly too masculine for my taste--but it's fine and I will use this. £20 for the 250 ml full size.

2. Lolita Lempicka in L'eau en Blanc and Si Lolita (2 x 0.8 ml). My Glossybox included two fragrance samples. I quite like L'eau en Blanc, which is subtle and musky, but Si Lolita is too floral and too overpowering for me. Neither of them comes anywhere close to my all-time perfume favourite, Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermès, so I won't be switching any time soon. L'eau en Blanc is £49 for 50 ml and Si Lolita is £46 for 50 ml.

Top: mirror compact, Noble Isle shower gel, Uniq One hair treatment,
Weleda facial lotion. Bottom: Lolita Lempicka fragrances
3. Weleda facial cream (7 ml). My product has its name and description only in German and French but I think it is the Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion. Wow! A moisturizer for a) younger skin and b) normal-combination skin! It's a shame it's such a small sample, but I'll definitely give this a go. Thank you, Glossybox, for not sending me yet another product for dry skin. £10.95 for the 30 ml full size.

4. Uniq One all-in-one hair treatment (9 ml). This leave-in hair mask has not one but ten benefits, apparently, most of which are along the lines of protecting, smoothing and improving hair texture. It sounds like a good multi-tasker so I'll test this out and perhaps keep it as my token hair styling product for travel. Again, the sample is a little stingy, but I use hair products very slowly. £13.99 for the 150 ml full size.

5. Let's Go Lashes in temptress (full size). I don't wear false lashes and I don't have the patience to try them out. My own lashes and eyebrows are quite fair so I worry I will end up looking like a drag queen. I will be regifting these (and one of my colleagues has already claimed them). £8.95.

Total value of the products in this month's Glossybox: about £19.84. So, not a hugely high value month, although there is also the compact mirror to consider (I didn't count it in my sums). Also, almost half of the value comes from the false lashes, which I won't use.

Overall rating: 3/5. I'm pleased with the facial lotion, the hair treatment and the shower gel and I will use all three. The perfumes and the lashes were both fails for me. I do think it's a shame that Glossybox doesn't include more make-up items--there tends only to be one per month and if there is going to be false lashes or nails, I would prefer a regular make-up product too.

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