17 May 2012

Cannes Film Festival 2012

I can't believe it has been a year since I was paprazzing Brangelina on the red carpet of last year's Cannes Film Festival (CaFF), but but I'm back again for another few days of vicarious movie-related enjoyment.

My flight to Nice this morning was filled with plenty of movie types, including, perhaps, Steve Coogan. In person, the guy looked and sounded like him, he had an entourage and one of Coogan's films is being pimped in Cannes, but looking at my photos I'm now less clear. The guy sitting next to me on the plane had a pretty cool job: designing movie posters. Mainly horror, but with a big documentary at this year's festival. He gets to spend four days partying, boozing and schmoozing clients. Nice!

Queuing up for the best red carpet views

My early flight meant that by 2 pm, I was lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine, and by the time my parents got here, a few hours later, I had also been for a swim, read a book, snapped some photos on the Croisette and done a reccy of the Palais des Festivals. This year is the 65th CaFF and the star of all the posters is Marilyn Monroe, presumably because she died 50 years ago this year. If only a woman director had ever won the Palme d'Or, then she could be the poster girl...

As it is Ascension Day, the épiceries were closed here so we went to dinner at our Croisette favourite, Vesuvio. The pizza was pretty good tonight and despite how busy the place was, it only took three attempts to get the waiter to bring a carafe d'eau.

Le Palais des Festivals

Afterwards, we wandered down the Croisette to get an ice cream. We were too late for the red carpet (it was a French film premiering tonight anyway, albeit one with Marion Cotillard, De Rouille Et d'Os) but we did take a look at the ciné-plage, which was one of my favourite things about last year's festival. This year, there is a Bond theme to the movies shown on the beach, and as we missed the start of Dr No tonight, we will probably hold out for Diamonds Are Forever on Sunday (Jaws, next Thursday, would also be fun but I'll be gone by then).

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