1 May 2012

The Caffeine Chronicles: Ground Control Review

A few months ago, while trying to find the least offensive way of getting back to King's Cross from that no man's land between Islington and Clerkenwell, I came across a not-yet-opened espresso bar called Ground Control. I could tell from the font on the sign that it was going to be my sort of place. Its name was also reminiscent of the wonderful Ground Support in New York.

The Ethiopian Coffee Co's 'flagship venue,' Ground Control
But it was only today that I finally got around to checking out Ground Control, which is the Ethiopian Coffee Company's "flagship venue." Based on Amwell, a surprisingly busy and quirky street filled with interesting independent shops and delis in an otherwise fairly nondescript part of no man's land, Ground Control is tiny, with only a few tables inside and not much room for perching outside. We tried the macchiato, which was good, although I prefer my macchiatos to be on the dry side--just a dribble of milk and a splash of foam. I was quite tired and distracted this lunchtime, though, and forgot to ask; also my macchiato bar has been raised recently by places like Prufrock, where you get extensive quizzing on your coffee choices. Ground Control does use the same blue porcelain cups as Prufrock, which I really like.

Two macchiatos
The website claims they offer "breakfast, lunch and so much more," but there were only two different choices of sandwich today, neither of which was particularly appealing to me, especially not at £5--not when you can get a posh sausage baguette from the nice deli down the road for only £2.95. Nonetheless, it's always good to have a decent espresso bar in the vicinity of King's Cross and I'll be going back to Ground Control again soon, preferably when I'm in a better state to enjoy the lovely Ethiopian coffee!

Nice coffee machine; shame about the sandwich fillings
Ground Control. 61 Amwell Street, London, EC1R 1UR (Tube: Angel or King's Cross). Website.

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